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Im Gazan, I’m a 29 year old Photographer who has been interested in, and learning, photography since about the year 2009.I live in Down South of Srilanka. I am not a professional photographer and don't claim to be. I love to shoot pictures, I shoot anything and everything, I am often looking for atmosphere and simplicity. On this website you can view my photos which are divided into a number of Labels, but I will also regularly publish new pictures that are free of mind. This means recent work and just nice photo’s.

I do postprocess my images, for they are all taken in the RAW image format and they hence need to be processed. However, I do not make any dramatic changes to any of my images, I do believe in pureness: I clean them up and try to make them look good.
Please note that all photos on this website are copyright protected and owned by the photographer,

GazPhotography. It is forbidden to reproduce these photographs in any publication, to transmit electronically or otherwise, or to incorporate them in another website, without my permission.

Do you still have questions or comments? Or do you want a picture of this website use? Or something else? Please feel free to contact with me via the contact form.

Thanks for your interest and I hope you'll visit again soon.(Check back because this page is updated as life moves forward)

Gazan Palli.


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One of my dream blogs is a photoblog. I really want to create a website with lots of photos of places I’ve been to or things I’ve recently acquired or whatever eye-catching photos. However, I cannot start a decent photoblog without a decent camera. By decent I don’t necessarily mean a dSLR, I’m referring to a camera that has a good resolution.