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Administrative Complex-Hambantota

Hambantota Receives an Administrative Complex  with Assistance from Korea

The Government of Korea has agreed to provide a loan equivalent of US$ 20 million (Rs 2,000 mn) for the construction of an Administrative Complex in Hambantota. The total cost of the project is US$ 25 mn (Rs. 2,500 mn) of which US$ 5 mn (Rs. 500 mn) will be provided by the Government of Sri Lanka.

Most of the government offices in Hambantota District are at present located in private houses as the tsunami tidal waves destroyed a large number of government buildings. The objective of this project is to construct a four storied Administrative Complex in Hambantota District to provide office space for most of the Central, Provincial and Local Government institutions which are presently located in private buildings in a scattered manner around the city.

In addition to the Administrative Complex, the Government of Korea has agreed to provide financial assistance in grant aid equivalent of US$ 6 million (Rs. 600 mn) for the construction of an International Convention Centre." - SL Treasury news item

Aum & Lee Architects Associates, Keangnam Enterprises, Ltd, Urban Development Authority, Sri Lanka are involved in various capacities in consultancy and construction of this project.”

Location-Siribopura, Hambantota
Project Cost-US $ 20.375 Mn
Site area- 67Acres
Gross Floor Area- 26,308.34 sq.m
Client-Ministry of Urban Development & Sacred Area Development
Concept Design & Implementation Agency-Urban Development Authority
Funding Mechanism - EX-Im Bank (EDCF) & GOSL
Consultancy- PMU – HPP of UDA with the assistance of KCI
Contractor- M/s Keangnam Enterprises Ltd.

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