Al Bida Park -best parks in Doha

Al Bida Park is one of the best parks in Doha. Stretching over two miles along the fascinating Corniche Bay of Qatar, this park has Heritage Village that resembles a traditional Qatari village, and also an open-air theater that's used for the annual Doha Cultural Festival.

There are various children rides, shops, F&B outlets and a local art gallery around the park. Run by the municipality, Al Bida Park can be entered free of charge and is open throughout the day.

Al Muntazah Park is one of the oldest parks in Qatar. Adorned with verdant greens and beautiful surroundings, this park is meant for ladies and young kids only.

Museum Park overlooks the magnificent Doha Port and lies just next to the Qatar National Museum. A great picnic spot, it has a number of resting places for people.

There are various beach parks and gardens in Qatar. Most of these are located in proximity to the luxury hotels in the city, and offer good facilities for visitors.