Focus Stacking -For macro photography lovers

For macro photography lovers who spend their time wondering how they can photograph objects with a large depth of field so here's an explanation. One such technique is called focus stacking, I do not know if there is any translation of this term for Portuguese.

've Certainly noticed that in some macros even using very small apertures or f minor, yet often fail to capture the entire object with the desired clarity. This was also a mystery to me ... Where would get these "lenses" or cameras that made ​​it ?

After all is nothing more than a technique that was perfected with the entry of digital photography.

Note that this technique works well with stationary objects with moving objects is very difficult if not impossible .... 

We note the problem of getting more focus on the subject the more approximate is the photograph of the object, such as in computers. Can notice the photos here on the site of micros. 

So how can I focus the whole article? 
Well, I'll show you what is needed. The aim is to take away several photographs and each one with continued focus of the previous picture, you should note that all these photographs are taken from the same point. I got an unusual model, I hope not to be afraid ... Attention to Animal Protection Society, the mosquito was already dead before you use it as a model ...

Okay, so the set of photographs was something like this ....

As you can see the focus of each picture is different since the party came closest to the lens paper ....

To have control over the focus is better if we use manual focus, so we put on each photo focus a little bit ahead ... To take all the pictures from the same location, better get a fixed point ... In my case it was a tripod .

In this case I am shooting a subject with about 2mm, so it needed the tripod ... Any minimal movement is enough to make the point I want to focus or even ruin the picture because the camera shaking.

Now I need a software that is prepared to make a "collage" of photos, this type of software you need to analyze the focus of each photo and make a "collage" of all ...

The software used was the CombineZM , was the first that I appeared on Free Software Free research focus stacking .

I have not had time to look for more software programs certainly should be much better for this type of effect. The only thing I can confirm is that there is an easy to learn and is very confusing. I have more programs and how they work in future posts.

Either way here's the final result.

Can already notice that the mosquito is almost entirely in focus.

So get to know how is it done this kind of macro / micro photography, whose name is the same focus stacking .

Up to now,
and nice pictures ...

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