Palmyra palm tree at Hambantota

Palmyra palm tree is a tall and swaying tree well known as `Borasus Flabellifer`. The word `Borasus` was derived from a Greek word and it means the leathery covering of the fruit and `Flabellifer` means fan-bearer. Palmyra palm tree belongs to the `Palme` family. This tree bears a lot of names in various languages in India. For instance, in Hindi and Bengali, the tree is called as Tal, Talgachh and Tarkajhar. It is known as Pannei in Tamil language. In Telugu, it is called as Lulu or Tacli and in Malayalam this tree is named as Karimpana. In English, the tree has some other names except the Palmyra Palm Tree and these names are the Fan Palm, Brab Tree, Toddy Palm and Tala Palm. This tree is found in the drier areas of India, Sri Lanka, and Burma and also in most of the tropical countries.

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